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Straight to the Consignment Form

You may have a machine(s) for sale that Michigan Aggregate Machinery cannot purchase because you need to realize a full retail price. In many cases we will be able to sell the machine for you, earn a commission, and still get you the price that you need. We assume all responsibility and expense of marketing, and when the machine sells, charge you a 10% sales commission. Our fee comes out of sales proceeds. If we do not sell the machine there is no charge to you. Please read the facts and benefits listed below. If you are interested in more details, or in letting us go to work on your project, please fill out the form on this page. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Facts & Benefits of Michigan Aggregate Machinery Consignment Service

FACT - In most cases Michigan Aggregate Machinery's services do not cost the seller a dime.
BENEFIT - In many cases, we are able to get sellers 10-25% more money for the machine than they could have on their own. The reason for this is that Michigan Aggregate Machinery finds end-user retail buyers. We also insulate you from the negotiating process, and have an excellent record of getting full asking price. In many cases, our entire fee is funded by dollars from the buyer that the seller might not have otherwise realized.

FACT - We have averaged selling over 100 machines a year since 1985.
BENEFIT - Your machine sells right along with ours. Our track record is proof that we know what we are doing. We know how to find buyers and sell machines. A consignment with us is not an experiment for you, our ability to sell, and get top dollar, are proven facts.

FACT - Michigan Aggregate Machinery maintains a high profile Internet web site .
BENEFIT - Your machinery will be advertised on our web site, complete with color photos, information and pricing. In the last several years we have experienced a dramatic increase in sales resulting from our Internet marketing efforts. The web site is like a store that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our site is highly ranked with the major search engines, and over one thousand prospective customers from all over the world visit it every day. Visitors will be able to read about and look at color photos of your machine from the comfort of their own office or home.

FACT - We have a network of 55 dealers in 35 States and across Canada.
BENEFIT - All of the people in our network will be immediately aware of your machine. Before the ads even come out, we will send faxes and emails describing your machine to our network of dealer friends. This first wave of faxes and emails often results in an immediate sale. It also may have a delayed reaction, when someone in the network becomes aware of a new buyer at a later date. Our networking tool works like a multi-listing in the real estate business, but is much broader in scope.

FACT - Michigan Aggregate Machinery owns a multi-million dollar inventory of Pit, Quarry, Recycle and Mining machinery.
BENEFIT - Michigan Aggregate MachineryÕs high profile inventory attracts buyers in the same manner that a supermarket attracts shoppers. Your consigned machine is offered right along with our own inventory. Michigan Aggregate Machinery is highly specialized and deals only in pit/quarry/recycle/mining process machinery. No track machines or rolling stock to dilute the effect of our specialized image in the marketplace.

FACT - Michigan Aggregate Machinery has Customers in all 50 states.
BENEFIT - You get immediate exposure to our existing customer base from coast to coast. We receive phone calls and faxes every single day from existing customers, friends and referrals looking for machines. We also maintain a computerized database of potential buyers who have contacted us for machines that we did not have at the time. Often, a quick sale results from an initial database search.

FACT - Michigan Aggregate Machinery has customers in 33 foreign contries and exports 30-40 machines a year.
BENEFIT - Your machine is available to foreign buyers that would never has been aware of it if marketing efforts were only local.

FACT - Michigan Aggregate Machinery has a spotless reputation.
BENEFIT - We represent you with integrity. In 27 years of dealing in the machinery business with customers all over the world, no one has ever had reason to bring legal action against us. Our spotless track record proves that we run our business with integrity and the highest ethical standards. You can be sure that your machine is being honestly represented, and that everyone involved in the transaction will get a fair shake. A list of references and testimonials is available upon request.

FACT - Before the machine leaves we wire you the money.
BENEFIT - No money hassles for you, all of the money is in your bank account before the machine leaves your property, no worries about slow pay or bad checks.

FACT - We require a minimum 120-day exclusive consignment.
BENEFIT - With exclusivity, it is possible for us to make the same aggressive effort and investment in marketing your machine as we do for one of our own. Typically, brokers do not require exclusivity because they do not spend any money, or much serious effort. We treat your machine exactly as if it were our own, with an aggressive approach to marketing and sales that includes advertising, networking, internet, direct mail and use of our computerized database of worldwide customers. The 120-day time frame gives the ads a fair chance to work. A shorter agreement period does not give us ample time to fully employ all of the resources of the Michigan Aggregate Machinery marketing process.

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P.O. Box 984, Virginia Beach, VA, 23451
PHONE: (757) 491-5508
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